What We’re About

The real deal in true grass fed and finished beef, this outfit began way back in ’98 with the goal of direct-to- consumer sales of natural (no antibiotic/growth hormone) high quality beef produced in a sustainable manner.  Pioneering stuff; making use of  then- new ( to the U.S. anyhow) techniques and tools of Management Intensive Grazing, improved forage varieties,  low impedance electric fence chargers, portable fencing, and distributed pasture drinking water.

It’s mostly worked out ; the potential was real. Still at it with no shortage of problems to solve and innovations to explore.

Folks often miss the point of grass fed and erroneously continue equating “lean” with healthy. The biggest eating quality defect in grass fed tends to be a LACK of fat and dry mouthfeel with associated rangy flavor. Not as easily , cheaply or quickly gained as grain-fed; grass fed beef fat should  be considered the sought-after “grail” of good stuff: high in omega 3 fatty acids. True grass fed beef is seldom overly fat.

There is a “Contact Me” e-mail form to weed out bots. If you’re not one you can also contact me at 218-837-6109 (most readily  7 – 9 am , around noon, and 6-8 pm).  E-mail is haycreek@wcta.net  Mailing and physical (google maps)address: Mark Fickes, 44617 County Highway 75, Sebeka, MN, 56477.

Monthly deliveries to  Minneapolis/St Paul or Fargo/Moorhead area usually around third weekend of month. Good availability thru early spring. Check “The Farming Life” posts for most current status.

Quarters (nominally 100 pounds packaged net weight) priced at $7.68 per pound and boxes (nominally 33 pounds packaged net weight) at $7.95 per pound. Deposits of $100 and $40 respectively by Pay Pal or mailed check required for home delivery. Reasonable direct-to -home delivery charge of $10 per address plus $0.12 per pound means you get  a 100 pound quarter delivered for $22.