My Food Background

Been in the food business continuously in one way or another since starting at Pillsbury R&D’s fledgling frozen foods group in 1976 as a process technician. Put together and operated a low-budget, skunk-works pilot plant for process experiments on a new Totino’s pizza concept. The engineering came naturally. Learned the basics of cooking , baking and GMP from food scientists . Left there in late 80’s- after attaining a mechanical engineering degree and process engineer title- during one of a series of takeovers and downsizing that culminated later in purchase by General Mills.

Went on to Food Engineering , a small fabricator of specialty equipment primarily for the prepared cereal industry. Lots of time spent in vast processing plants starting-up new lines, new products or diagnosing malfunctions. Spent an overnight in a South Korean instant ramen  soup plant  to get the kimchi drying quality they expected out of a new conveyor-type dryer with 3 temperature zones and 5 conveyor levels that required 6 hours retention time.

Quit engineering to take up beef farming/ranching in ’98 while the kids still young enough (10 and 12) to be excited about the prospect.

Stumbled into low-carb nutrition by the back door after a spring and summer of eating old-timey (fat/flavorful) pork out of their 2 Hampshire-ish sows and a stubby, round, spotted gift- boar. The family bought a half pig from them and ate pork a least  4 times a week , believing pork only had a 6 month freezer life. So much pork to eat we hardly had the appetite for carbs beyond that from vegetables. That fall, at my 30th high school re-union, I was lighter in weight (165 pounds) than any point since high school.  Don’t recall exactly how I pieced together cause and effect but I’ve been a low-carb advocate since. Get a headache from high glycemic foods..

Farm Market Excess Inventory Sale

Offering the following Ground grass-fed beef in nominal one-pound packages:  Chuck ($7.00/pound), Round ($7.50/pound), Sirloin ($7.50/pound).  Round and Sirloin quite lean so best used with sauces or other source of fat.

Also Country Style 60/30% grass-fed beef/pork bratwursts in 1.2 pound six-packs at $7.50/ pkg. Nitrate- free and great savory flavor w/o all the salt and fat of commercial brats.

All priced at least $0.50 per package off normal.

Limited quantities and delivery charges apply. Add to Box or Quarter order -or separately if you wish.