How to Order

Mark with “herd dogs” Kalli (L) and Jake (R)

Finishing beef graze exclusively on fresh grass/legume pasture for at least 3 continuous months  prior to harvest. Unlike some, I don’t pretend that beef harvested directly after a winter feeding on stored/preserved forages are  comparable in quality to those directly off fresh grass.

Consequently, availability is highest in Fall and early Winter tailing off into early Spring -with monthly weekend deliveries September thru  May or June. Check “Availability & Delivery” post category (very bottom of page) for current availability and next target delivery date. You must be present (or make special arrangements) to accept delivery and pay balance due at an agreeable date and time window.

Organ Meats are available by special request for minimal up-charge.

Ordering is Easy:

Skip to bottom of page for Farm Pickup orders.

For St Cloud, Minneapolis,St Paul Area Home Delivery within 10 miles of 10/94 southeast of St Cloud or 10 miles of the 494/694 freeway loop. Home delivery adds a flat $10 per address and $0.12 per pound to your total beef order. Proceed with PayPal deposit (below) to initiate order.

For Fargo,Moorhead Area Home Delivery  within 5 miles of Hwy 10 west of Detroit Lakes or 10 miles of the interstate 94/29 intersection. Home delivery adds a flat $10 per address and $0.10 per pound to your total beef order. Proceed with PayPal deposit (below) to initiate order.

SEE “Specials” Posts under Categories at very bottom for current great deals! Prices and delivery for Specials take precedence over those on this page and “Beef Packages and Pricing” page.

           After receiving your deposit I’ll send an  email with proposed delivery date. Be sure to check inbox of email account you used for PayPal login! If a conflict develops you can delay a month or two.  When delivery date is agreeable you’ll receive a confirmation email with date , time window and your total delivered price and net due. Your balance including delivery charge will be due by cash or check upon delivery.


What if a conflict comes up on my delivery date? Don’t worry, we’ll work something out for that day or delay to the next month. Just let me know before 7:00 am the day of delivery.

Click on the “Add to Cart” icon to open a shopping cart, click “pay w/PayPal” (secure), login to your PayPal account, and complete the deposit checkout process:

Special (below $100) Deposit $20

Box Deposit $40

Quarter Deposit $100

For Farm Pick-Up simply make pick-up appointment by phone or e-mail when “posts” indicate less the 2 months wait or request wait list position if “posts” indicate more than 2 months wait. No deposit is required.

Questions?  Call me at 218-837-6109 (rolls to answering at 6 rings) or e-mail me at