The Cattle


Calves tuckin’ in to their hay


The old Scottish breeds of Galloway and Highland form the backbone of the breeding cow herd and are valued for their easy-keeping natures and winter -proof coat qualities. Beef produced by this farm is born of this exclusive cow herd which grazes outdoors pretty much year-round. All calves born are of minimum 50% Shorthorn breeding as a consequence of using purebred Shorthorn bulls. Shorthorn hybrids mature faster and with higher degree of fat marbling.

The cow herd grazes standing sorghum sudan over winter and transitions to grass/legume pasture for the calving season. Calves are born outside on grass beginning in May and stay with mothers until late fall when they are weaned and started on hay.

Finishing one- to two- year old cattle are wintered on a combination of grass hay and oat/rye/millet silage harvested in green-leaf stage while seed heads are  still immature. They graze grass/legume pasture exclusively for at least 3 months prior to harvesting for beef. No grain or corn silage is fed.

2016 long yearlings self-feeding on newly opened millet silage
Mark with former bottle calf Clementine and cow herdmates