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Welcome to Hay Creek Stock Farm’s site. I’ve been raising and direct-selling dry aged 100% grass fed beef on this rock-strewn but fertile farm in NE Otter Tail County, MN since 2002. Over these 22 seasons of managed grazing coupled with no and reduced-till planting I’ve seen analyzed soil organic matter nearly double and pasture vigor take-off. Only downside to this good fortune is fending -off neighbor’s complaints that rain falls preferentially on my ground. Guess it prefers a good home.

finely distributed marbling in hay creek bone-in nys steak shows galloway bread influence. bone in for better flavor.
Finely Distributed Marbling in Hay Creek Bone-In (K.C. cut) NYS steak shows Galloway Breeding Influence. Bone-in for Better Flavor!

Beef offerings include traditional Quarters and a range of Samplers from 6.5 to 28 pounds obtainable by Farm Pick-up (FPU) or Home Delivery (HD) to areas extending along US Hwy 10 both west towards Fargo and SE towards Minneapolis/St, Paul. Check out the Availability & Delivery post for current stock and timing of next delivery to your area.

HD requires a deposit for Quarters and prepay for Samplers while FPU rewards you with a $10 discount for cash on pick-up for Samplers. PayPal checkout collects your contact info but expect/respond to a confirmation email from me 2 days ahead of the posted HD date. For cash FPU email, text or call (see bottom of this page) to order and schedule a future FPU date/time

Discerning Meat Eaters Choose Hay Creek Grass Fed Beef

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The Foodie Farmer blog post explores the unique perspective of a rural beef and farm market producer. Yeah, a farmer now but with an urban background and lots of food experience. Expect straight-up retail beef quality reviews, tried and true and tweaked recipes,  non-mainstream nutritional gleanings, and unique-to-grower insights. Recipes categorized for discovery by those for Ground, Steaks or Roasts.

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