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We nurture and sell mature, dry-aged beef from heirloom cattle breeds for the ultimate in true beef flavor.   Break away from the blandness of adolescent, fast-tracked beef and get back to the real thing. Home delivery for customers appreciative of value, flavor and convenience. Order a prepaid Sampler today or make a deposit for Winter/Spring 2021 delivery of a Quarter or Half for the next MSP or Fargo delivery date!

First-time customers should consider starting with a Prepaid Sampler or Box. Prepaid Samplers and Boxes for Farm Pick-up come with a free 6-pack of our custom-crafted Beef/Pork brats. Arrange for pick-up by email or phone.

Finely Distributed Marbling in Hay Creek Bone-In (K.C. cut) NYS steak shows Galloway Breeding Influence. Bone-in for Better Flavor!

Wake-Up Call: beef flavor -both grass fed and conventional-has been seriously dumb’d down! Yes, both can be effectively “feedlot” raised for quick maturity and low cost but suffer in flavor quality and intensity. Ergo the focus on “tenderness”: it’s all they got to crow about. Rediscover the lost flavor of real pastured grass fed, dry-aged beef with Hay Creek. We stubbornly maintain a Craft quality beef.

Be assured of local, Minnesota- grown beef from a defined farm location. You can actually see our pastures and cattle on google satellite view. No cheap imported Australian or South American beef like the Wall Street-backed nationwide direct-ship re-sellers.

Early Morning with 2- day old calf and mom

OUR GUARANTEE: We think a guarantee says more about self-confidence in our beef quality and customer service than does a paid-for “review”. So here it is: Any problems? Let us know and we’ll make it right for you.

Hay Creek beef is of deep, complex flavor and firm, dry aged texture . Dry Aged beef is a fixture of all top tier steakhouses.. It costs more due to taking up valuable cooler space prior to cutting and reduced packaged yield via moisture loss. You can be assured that sellers not troubling to call it out are not using it: including all the big retail and nationwide consignment/consolidation/direct-ship model re-sellers. Hay Creek isn’t their insipid “lite beef”: un-aged, wet beef from immature industry -bred cattle lacking in the finish marbling provided by living grass/legume pasture.. Check out the generally poor performance of big names in retail beef steaks (with a few value standouts).

One and two year old cattle grazing vegetative stage fall oats

BEWARE HHW (hot hanging WET weight) based pricing- a relic of old-time custom (not for resale) processing. At its most innocent HHW is a gambit to lure in the naive who don’t realize their final take -home price will be roughly double the bait HHW price. It also reduces risk to the beef producer: passing-on the weight loss of dry aging and the ever-increasing costs of processing directly to you. Not to mention opening the door to more complications and questionable practices.

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The Foodie Farmer blog post explores the unique perspective of a rural beef and farm market producer. Yeah, a farmer now but with an urban background and lots of food experience. Expect straight-up retail beef quality reviews, home-tested recipe/technique reviews ,  non-mainstream nutritional gleanings, and unique-to-grower insights.

Monthly home  doorstep delivery service to  St Cloud, Minneapolis, St Paul , Fargo and Moorhead. Our delivery model avoids non-recyclable foam containers and dry ice (carbon dioxide). Feel better !

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