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The real deal in true grass fed beef (delivered) this outfit began way back in ’98 with the goal of direct sales of natural (no antibiotic/growth hormone) high quality beef produced in a sustainable manner. Dry-aged for flavor and home delivered for convenience. Actually doin’ it way before the-on -tap-everywhere “Coors Light” of grass fed; “T’ousand Hills” thought of it. We stubbornly maintain a Craft quality beef.

New So. Minneapolis 55419 (46 th St exit) Drop-Site Open NOW for “Lil’ Bit Variety Sampler” Pick-up.

Far Surpasses Muppets Version due to Subtlety and Incongruity

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Hay Creek beef is of deep, complex flavor and firm, dry aged texture . The impact of dry aging is HUGE despite it’s added cost. Producers not troubling to call it out are NOT using it. NOT including all the big retail grass fed distributors.. Hay Creek isn’t their insipid “lite beef”: un-aged, wet beef from immature industry -bred cattle pushed to grow too fast and lacking in the finish marbling provided by living grass/legume pasture.. Check out the generally poor performance of big names in retail beef steaks (with a few value standouts).

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The Foodie Farmer blog post explores the unique perspective of a rural beef and produce CSA (haycreekcsa.net) farmer with an urban background and lots of food experience. Expect straight-up retail beef quality reviews, home-tested recipe/technique reviews ,  non-mainstream nutritional gleanings, and unique-to-grower insights.

Monthly home  doorstep delivery service to  St Cloud, Minneapolis, St Paul , Fargo and Moorhead

Finely Distributed Marbling in Hay Creek Bone-In (K.C. cut) NYS steak shows Galloway Breeding Influence. Bone-in for Better Flavor!
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SEE “Specials”Posts under Categories at very bottom for current great deals!