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The real deal in true grass fed and finished beef, this outfit began way back in ’98 with the goal of farm direct-to- consumer sales of natural (no antibiotic/growth hormone) high quality beef produced in a sustainable manner.  Pioneering stuff; making use of  innovative techniques and tools of Management Intensive Grazing: improved forage varieties,  low impedance electric fence chargers, portable fencing, and distributed pasture drinking water.

It’s mostly worked out ; the potential was real. Still at it with no shortage of problems to solve and innovations to explore. Hay Creek stays a small farm by choice striving for quality and constant improvement . NOT pursuing the “Big Ag” mentality. None of the forages I grow are popular with Big Ag so none have a GMO variant. My cattle live as their ancestors have for thousands of years under human care: outdoors on grass. Not in confinement CAFO’s stuffing themselves on pelletized “organic” feed as now OK with relaxed “organic” standards for animal welfare.

Side benefits of a land ethical approach (CRP reforestation, no-till planting, cover crop rotations, and livestock exclusion from waterways) include glimpses of fox , clamor of nesting waterfowl, and hooting of owls. Industrious pocket gophers, perseverant beavers, and ubiquitous rocks foster a sense of tolerance and respect for the influence of time.

Hay Creek beef is of deep, complex flavor and firm, dry aged texture . The importance of dry aging is huge despite it’s added cost: producers who don’t mention it are NOT using it. Hay Creek isn’t insipid “lite beef”: un-aged, wet beef from immature cattle pushed to grow too fast and lacking in finish marbling. Good eating beef shouldn’t be extremely lean and health conscious consumers know the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids from true grass fed beef.

The Foodie Farmer blog post explores the unique perspective of a rural beef and produce CSA (haycreekcsa.net) farmer with an urban background and lots of food experience. Expect straight-up home-tested recipe reviews ,  non-mainstream nutritional gleanings, and unique-to-grower insights.

Monthly home  doorstep delivery service to  St Cloud, Minneapolis, St Paul , Fargo and Moorhead

  • Mark Fickes
  • 218-837-6109
  • haycreek@wcta.net
  • 44617 Co Hwy 75, Sebeka, MN 56477

SEE “Specials”Posts under Categories at very bottom for current great deals!