Availability and Delivery

Boxes, Quarter and Halves available now. Also currently posted “Specials”, Ground Beef, Ground Chuck and Ground Round . All for  2019 Fall farm pick-up or  Minneapolis/St Paul  and Fargo/Moorhead home delivery. Check the freezer and see if you need to replenish.

Next St Cloud, Minneapolis & Saint Paul home delivery November 16, 2019.

Fargo/Moorhead home delivery  October 26 and November 30, 2019.

Boxes and Quarters first available August 2019. Halves in September. Make a deposit now (refundable to within 24 hours of confirmed delivery date/time) to reserve OR request a Wait List position.

Jump on the Wait List anytime for Fall 2019 delivery or farm pick-up. Simply send an email with your preferred month (August thru December) and fractional order size (box, quarter or half). Priority given to “box” sizes and folks who have ordered before so turn yerself into one of them by ordering something available now.

St Cloud/Minneapolis/St Paul area home doorstep delivery service area is within 10 miles of 10/94 southeast of St Cloud or 10 miles of the 494/694 loop. Cost is a flat $10 per address plus 12 cents per pound of total beef order.

Fargo/Moorhead area home delivery service area is within 5 miles of Hwy 10 west of Detroit Lakes or 10 miles of the interstate 94/29 intersection. Cost is a flat $10 per address plus 10 cents per pound of total beef order.

Upon receiving your deposit I’ll email with a proposed weekend delivery date. Be sure to check inbox of email account used for PayPal! If a conflict develops you can delay for a month or 2 or request a refund. When delivery date is agreeable you’ll get a confirmation email with date, time slot, total delivered weight, price and net due. Balance due by cash or check on delivery.