Beef Packages & Pricing

All beef are processed under USDA inspection at Miltona Custom Meats.  Half- carcasses dry age for 14 days before cutting , vacuum packaging, labeling, and sorting into 2 equal “split halves” commonly called “quarters”. The sorted cuts are then blast frozen.

Following is Standard Cutting. Special Cutting of a Half (2 quarters) in the way of thicker steaks, larger roasts or a portion of Round to steaks can also be arranged but requires a $1400 deposit.

QUARTERS ($7.29 per pound net weight) are nominally 100 pounds total label net weight and include the following cuts:


  • Chuck (6 each)
  • Sirloin Tip (1 each)
  • Rump (1 each)
  • Brisket (1 each)
  • Shanks Osso Buco (4 each)


  • Ribeyes (6 each)
  • Bone-in NY Strips (6 each)
  • Tenderloins (6 each/2 per pkg)
  • Sirloins ( 3 each)

GROUND in 1 pound pkg’s (actual count proportional to quarter weight)

  • Round (9-14 pkg’s)
  • Beef (26-32 pkg’s)
  • Beef 1/4 pound Patties (13-16 pkg’s)

BOXES ($7.49 per pound net weight) are 1/3 of a “quarter”, nominally 33 pounds net label weight and include either a sirloin tip roast OR a rump roast OR a brisket. Also either one large or two small shanks. All other cuts are one-third of the above “quarter” quantities.

HALVES ($7.19 per pound net weight) are 2 “quarters”, nominally 200 pounds net label weight and include double the cut quantities of the quarter above.

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