Beef Packages & Pricing

Lil’Bit Variety Samplers ($99 ) are at least 11.0 pounds and include 3 unique steaks (NYS, ribeye, sirloin, flatiron, hanger, skirt/flank or tenderloin); 1 or 2 boneless roasts (brisket, rump, sirloin tip or chuck); 2 pounds of quarter pound burger patties; 2 pounds ground round or sirloin, and 2 pounds ground beef. Steaks will include 2 unique packages of either NYS, ribeye or tenderloin and together with 1 package of sirloin, flat iron, hanger, round or skirt will total 1.5 to 2 pounds. Free scheduled delivery in service area or arranged pickup (MSP Farm Store site only) w/in 4 blocks of 46th St exit from 35W. An economical , convenient way to try out a range of grass fed beef cuts in the Minneapolis area.

Fractional Beef Packages: Make deposit for home delivery on “How to Order” page. Actual balance for your unique fraction due on delivery.

BOXES ($7.49 per pound net weight) are 1/3 of a “quarter” (see below), nominally 33 pounds net label weight and include either a sirloin tip roast OR a rump roast OR a brisket. Also either one large or two small shanks. All other cuts are one-third of the “quarter” quantities.

QUARTERS ($7.29 per pound net weight) are nominally 100 pounds total label net weight and include the following cuts:


  • Chuck (bone-in) (6 each)
  • Sirloin Tip (1 each)
  • Rump (1 each)
  • Brisket (1 each)
  • Shanks Osso Buco (4 each)


  • Ribeyes (6 each)
  • Bone-in NY Strips (6 each)
  • Tenderloins (6 each/2 per pkg)
  • Sirloins ( 3 each)

GROUND in 1 pound pkg’s (actual count proportional to quarter weight)

  • Round (9-14 pkg’s)
  • Beef (26-32 pkg’s)
  • Beef 1/4 pound Patties (13-16 pkg’s)

Special Cutting of Quarters in the way of thicker steaks, larger roasts or a portion of Round to steaks can also be arranged but requires a larger deposit. Email with your ideas.

HALVES ($7.19 per pound net weight) are 2 “quarters”, nominally 200 pounds net label weight and include double the cut quantities of the quarter above.

Mark and daughter Laura (MSP Farm Store manager) on break from Fall cattle working 2005

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