Gear Up

Convertible Deck Enclosure for Year-Round Grilling

Late Fall and every time I pass the tarped Kamado grill outside the garage I realize how unlikely I am to use it in the upcoming winter months; encased in a mound of blown snow and whipped by sharp NW winds. Already missing the radiated heat and fragrance of real wood charcoal smoke; appealing elements to capture for the cold , dark months ahead. Triggered a concept for both moving it up to the roofed, 2-side enclosed deck AND further enclosing the deck with a combo of west -facing solid panels and south-facing light panels for solar gain.

  • Groundrules:
  • Completely convertible for summer use w/independently mounted panels minimally fastened to house
  • Lightweight, narrow panels of standard-length building materials

Aware of the dual-wall polycarbonate panels used in greenhouse construction but discovered these single-wall corrugated panels that are inexpensive, lightweight and ideally suited.

Really sweet to hang out while grill going. Just spent a sunny Sunday smoke-roasting a rump for sandwich cold-cuts in the morning then idled the grill down for pizzas in the afternoon. Smoke and radiant heat create a comfy rustic atmosphere. Maintains a temperature 40 to 50 deg F above outdoor temperature throughout the middle 4 hours of a sunny early January day.