How to Order

My cattle “finish” (put on their ultimate weight) grazing actual living grasses and legumes. That’s why they taste better than those grown year-round on stored or pelleted forages. It’s also why the beef becomes available towards the end of the local growing season. Place deposit below to have a beef quarter or box delivered to your Twin Cities or Fargo home address.

Minneapolis/St Paul and Fargo delivery season begins late August. Check “ for service area, modest cost, and next target delivery date. You must be present (or make special arrangements) to accept delivery and pay balance due at an agreeable date and time window.

Organ Meats are available by special request for minimal up-charge.

Reserve (for future pick-up or home delivery) Hay Creek beef by either emailing (free to within a month of delivery) or making a PayPal deposit below.

Ordering is Easy: just make a deposit!

Skip to bottom of page for Farm Pickup orders.

SEE “Specials” Posts under Categories at very bottom for current great deals! Prices and delivery for Specials take precedence over those on this page and “Beef Packages and Pricing” page.

           After receiving your deposit I’ll send an  email with proposed delivery date. Be sure to check inbox of email account you used for PayPal login!


Click on the “Add to Cart” icon to open a shopping cart at bottom of list, click “pay w/PayPal” (secure), login to your PayPal account – or choose credit card w/o PayPal- and complete the deposit checkout process:

Special (below $100) Deposit $20
Box Deposit $40
Quarter Deposit $100

For Farm Pick-Up simply make pick-up appointment by phone or e-mail when “posts” indicate less the 2 months wait or request wait list position if “posts” indicate more than 2 months wait. No deposit is required.

Questions?  Call me at 218-837-6109 (rolls to answering at 6 rings) or email me at

Mark with “herd dogs” Kalli (L) and Jake (R)