Availability and Delivery

Beef Availability and Delivery

Lil’ Bit , Lil’ Bit More Samplers , AllGround Samplers, the new AllSteak Sampler and  Box Samplers  available to everyone via prepay/delivery (HD) or farm pickup (FPU with $10 discount for cash). Quarters available beginning October 2024 to established customers with deposit for HD or cash/check for entire balance on FPU.  Email requesting a Quarter+ wait-list position if you’ve already enjoyed my beef and want to reserve a future delivery or farm pick-up date.

Check specific delivery dates below.

60% beef (Hay Creek)/ 30% pork nitrate-free Polish /Country Style smoked brats available in nominal one-pound 5 packs for $9.00 each with order. Limit 5 for Sampler and Box orders, 10 for quarters. Request by email after placing order.

Yeah, you can get a traditional beef quarter delivered to your Twin Cities (MSP) home 2024. Fargo/Moorhead too. Check the freezer and see if you need to replenish or try out Hay Creek quality beef for the first time with a Sampler order.

Next St Cloud, Minneapolis & Saint Paul home delivery October 12, 2024.

Next Detroit Lakes/Fargo/Moorhead home delivery  June 2024.

Sampler and Quarter  deliveries are scheduled for the months of October thru December and March thru May. Make a deposit now to reserve OR request a Wait List position for traditional quarter-plus orders. Deposits made more than 45 days ahead of scheduled delivery dates will not constitute a lock on pricing.

Jump on the Wait List anytime for 2024 delivery or farm pick-up of quarter-plus size orders. Simply send an email with your preferred month (Feb thru May and Sept thru Dec) and fractional order size  (quarter or half). You’ll receive an email heads-up a few weeks ahead of anticipated delivery and have an opportunity to make your deposit.

St Cloud/Minneapolis/St Paul area home doorstep delivery service area is within 10 miles of 10/94 southeast of St Cloud or 10 miles of the 494/694 loop. Cost is a flat $10 per address for all fractional order sizes.  Free delivery on prepaid Li’ Bit Samplers, AllGround Samplers and Box Samplers.

Detroit Lakes/Fargo/Moorhead area home delivery service area is within 5 miles of Hwy 10 west of Detroit Lakes or 10 miles of the interstate 94/29 intersection. Cost same as above.

Upon receiving your prepay or deposit I’ll email with a proposed Saturday or Sunday (afternoon) delivery date. Be sure to check inbox of email account used for PayPal! If a conflict develops you can switch to the next month’s delivery date.  When delivery date is agreeable you’ll get a confirmation email with date, time slot, total delivered weight, price and net due. Balance due by cash or check on delivery. Best if you are home to accept delivery but I will drop with prearrangement.