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Lisbon-Style Vinegar BBQ Sauce for Pork

If you’ve got a quality, slow-BBQ’d  cut with a delicate smoke for making pulled- pork this is the way to go. Forget the gloppy, sugary, branded trash entirely. Doubles as a dressing for slaw! Add sparingly (1/2 to 1 Tablespoon per pound) to shredded pork and also serve on the side  as a dip for the sandwich.

Mix the following together in a small saucepan and heat to low simmer then ready to use;

Apple Cider Vinegar  1 cup

Sugar  3 T

Salt      1 T

Ketchup 1 T

Butter or buttery spread   1 T  (real butter will separate out once                         refrigerated but will emulsify again upon warming and shaking)

Honey  1 T

Black  Pepper   1/2 t

Red Pepper Flakes 1/2 t



Altered Reality of Fasting

I’ve completed two 72 hour fast episodes now- separated by 90 days- due to prompting from my 30 sumthin’ daughter Amanda. The idea was daunting for someone accustomed to regular meals but it turns out the normal , healthy human body is remarkably adept at managing energy intake and usage. For me the most difficult part was skipping that first mealtime. After that,  hunger was really no issue and increased mental acuity and an accelerated sense of the passage of time were remarkable. I spend considerable time cooking so had expected the time normally spent preparing and consuming meals to drag by while fasting. Not so at all!

I used a low-carb electrolyte replacement powder in water and went on with my everyday farm activities with seemingly more than normal intensity.  Sleeping thru the night was improved. Skipping the first meal was easier if another activity was planned to displace it.

Top researcher in fasting’s differential effect on cancer cells and fast-mimicking diet’s reversal of diabetes is Valter D.Longo of USC Leonard Davis. His short vid’s on fast mimicking and cancer protection are instructive.

Relevant links:    lifestyle.engineeering               healthline


Recipes Roasts

Osso Buco Milanese

Late winter annual sauna party weekend coming up (w/kids & crew) and this trusty recipe comes to mind.  All ingredient except the shanks (use 2″ thick shank sections from your Hay Creek fractional beef orders) and saffron can be found at the Walmart but the results are world-class. Other than skipping saffron the only modification I use -to accommodate beef rather than veal shanks-is to double braising time to 3 hours in a covered pan in the oven at 325 F. Enlist aroma-motivated guests/family to stir the broth into the Arborio rice for risotto-the hardest part of the whole prep.