Information related to beef for sale in Minnesota (MN). Production, quality and nutrition.

Eat Wild   Long-standing nationwide listing of pasture-based livestock producers. Self-certification by a set of criteria producer must agree to uphold. Vulnerable to abuse so consumers should be aware of- and willing to question- producers on practices important to them.

Minnesota Grown  Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture listing of statewide producer/marketers . Vastly improved with new features every year. No criteria for practices other than that “organic” claim must be certified.

Big Fat Lie Gary Taubes’ 2002 NYT feature that connected the dots between Atkins diet claims and breaking endocrinology research while exposing the faulty nutritional groupthink of the past 40 years

Active Low-Carber Forums  Ongoing research reports and discussion of Keto, Paleo, Atkins, Protein Power diets

Power Steer This is a lengthy but intriguing article whereby a journalist (pre-“Omnivore’s Dilemma ” Michael Pollan)  purchases a “typical” Angus beef steer calf and follows its life cycle from birth on a South Dakota ranch through his “feedlot” days and eventual slaughter, exposing the fallacies of cheap beef.

Is Sugar Toxic? Gary Taubes’ 2011 NYT feature on the work of Robert Lustig: (excerpt) “At the time, many of the key observations cited to argue that dietary fat caused heart disease actually support the sugar theory as well. During the Korean War, pathologists doing autopsies on American soldiers killed in battle noticed that many had significant plaques in their arteries, even those who were still teenagers, while the Koreans killed in battle did not. The atherosclerotic plaques in the Americans were attributed to the fact that they ate high-fat diets and the Koreans ate low-fat. But the Americans were also eating high-sugar diets, while the Koreans, like the Japanese, were not.”

Cactus Feeders aka Hamburger Central hooked on antibiotics in feed. Recent NYT feature on persistence of antibiotic use in industrial beef production.

Carbon Banking in Soil  NYT “magazine” feature on positive effects of grazing, cover crops, no-till planting on fertility and long-term carbon storage.

The Cholesterol Myths Uffe Ravnskov’s take-down on all the poor quality science and questionable motivations that went into the 70’s thru 90’s war on dietary fat and blood cholesterol; culminating in today’s worldwide diabetes epidemic.

Pine & Lakes Journal caught me at the Nisswa Farmer’s Market in 2014.