Free Delivery Special: Samplers & Boxes

Get yourself a taste of real small farm grass fed beef flavor. Local Minnesota grown, not AU imports like the national home-delivery services. NO non-recyclable foam containers to dispose of or dry ice (CO2) to vent. More beef for your $. Applies to both prepaid 11 pound Lil’ Bit Variety Samplers and deposit/balance on delivery […]

All Ground Special $69

Get either a 10 (2 each type)or a 15 (3 each type)-nominal 1 pound each- assortment of grass- fed ground beef delivered: beef brick, beef quarter-pound patties, chuck brick, round brick, and sirloin brick: all dry-aged and vacuum packed. $69 for 10 or $99 for 15. Firehouse Chile Gumbo will get you thru a cold […]

Soup Bones Special $2

Add-on (by request) to any “available” order meaty Hay Creek soup bones for only $2 per pound plus 10 or 12 cents per pound delivery (Fargo/MSP). Great for broth or basis for stews. Great starter for nose to tail eating experience. Easily sub’s for oxtail in Oxtail Stew recipe.